广州EMC预测试 EMC pre-test

Guangzhou Hongnuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in compliance with ISO17025 (registration number: L4957); it is also the only company in Guangzhou that has obtained major international certifications The organization directly accredits laboratories for safety regulations and EMC data; at the same time, it is also the only accredited EMC laboratory in South China by SGS. Headquartered in Guangzhou, it currently has branches in Shenzhen, and has established professional IT, AV, home appliances, lighting safety, EMC, energy consumption and performance testing laboratories. Use the latest international standard imported equipment, keep pace with the instruments of major certification agencies; strong engineering force.广州emc测试
ITL’s professional, reliable, fast and economical testing and certification services, with many years of quality, experience and goodwill, have won unanimous praise, trust and recognition from many manufacturers.

广州EMC预测试 EMC pre-test
▲ The data is more reliable and consistent.
▲ ITL laboratory has been accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)
▲ It is a safety and EMC laboratory recognized by major institutions in South China;
▲ It is a FCC&IC listed laboratory;
▲ The EMC data issued by ITL is consistent with that of major international institutions;
▲ Obtained UL's CAPEA qualification and is also UL's CBTL laboratory;

This saves customers high retest costs, saves time and costs, and improves efficiency.

Contact of Guangzhou EMC renting site for testing, Mr. Zeng 139 2899 3907

  1. Lower cost. ITL laboratory provides the most favorable EMC testing and EMC renting, the most cost-effective.
  2. Time is faster. The distance between the ITL laboratory and major certification bodies is no more than 3km, and the work efficiency is high.
  3. Professional technical services. ITL’s experienced product certification and testing engineer team, familiar with the market access regulations and product testing standards of various countries, have comprehensive professional knowledge and product knowledge, rich experience, good at listening, and can design and complete the most reasonable and most favorable product certification for manufacturers Combination scheme.
  4. Global one-stop service. ITL is familiar with certification channels in various countries, has rich experience in global certification services, and can provide global one-stop services, such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and so on. Multi-country certification has always been a characteristic strength of ITL.

Electromagnetic compatibility is a subject that studies the coexistence of various electrical equipment (including organisms in a broad sense) under the conditions of limited space, time, and spectrum resources without causing degradation. It includes electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic susceptibility. The electromagnetic interference test measures the magnitude of the electromagnetic wave signal generated and emitted by the device under normal working condition to reflect the strength of the interference to the surrounding electronic equipment. Electromagnetic susceptibility test is to measure the anti-interference ability of the equipment under test to electromagnetic disturbance. Electromagnetic interference mainly includes radiated emission and conducted emission.

CISPR 11/EN 55011 Electromagnetic interference detection of industrial, medical and scientific products
CISPR13/EN 55013 Radio and TV products electromagnetic interference detection
CISPR14/EN 55014-1 Electromagnetic interference detection of home appliances
CISPR15/EN 55015 Electromagnetic interference detection of lighting products
CISPR20/EN 55020 Electromagnetic anti-jamming detection of radio and television products
CISPR22/EN 55022/VCCI V-3/FCC 47 CFR Part 15B Information technology products electromagnetic interference detection
CISPR24/EN 55024 Electromagnetic anti-interference testing of information technology products
EN55014-2 Electromagnetic anti-jamming detection of home appliances
EN61547 Electromagnetic anti-interference detection of lighting products
EN61000-6-1 Electromagnetic anti-interference detection in residential, commercial, and light industrial environments
EN61000-6-2 Electromagnetic anti-interference detection in industrial environment
EN61000-6-3 Electromagnetic wave interference detection in residential, commercial, and light industrial environments
EN61000-6-4 Electromagnetic interference detection in industrial environment
EN50091-2 EMC requirements for uninterruptible power supplies
EN 60555-2/EN 61000-3-2 power harmonic detection
EN 60555-3/EN 61000-3-3 Voltage flicker detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-2 Electrostatic discharge immunity test
IEC/EN 61000-4-3 Radio frequency electromagnetic wave anti-interference detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-4 electrical fast pulse group anti-jamming detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-5 lightning anti-jamming detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-6 Conducted anti-interference test
IEC/EN 61000-4-8 Power frequency magnetic field anti-interference detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-11 voltage dips anti-interference detection
IEC/EN 61000-4-12 Oscillating wave surge
IEC/EN 61000-4-13 Harmonic, interharmonic wave anti-interference