How is expanded metal made?

How is expanded metal made?

Expanded Metal Sheet is produced from metal sheet or roll through stamping and expanding, which forms a wide array of diamond shaped openings with uniform sizes.
Compared with the traditional flat metal sheet, expanded metal mesh has more notable advantages for its versatile applications.
Owing to the expanding process, the metal sheetcan be expanded up to 8 times its original width, losing up to 75 % its weight per meter, and becomes harder.So it is lighter, less expensive than a single metal sheet.

Expanded Metal Sheet
Expanded Metal Mesh

What is expanded metal?

Expanded metal mesh types includes raised expanded steel mesh (also called standard or regular expanded metal) and flat expanded metal.
Raised expanded metal mesh has diamond openings with slightly raised surface. Flattened expanded metal mesh is manufactured by passing the standard expanded sheet through a cold roll reducing mill, forming diamond openings with flat surface.

raised expanded metal
flat expanded metal

Expanded metal specification

  • Materials: carbon steel, low carbon steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium
  • Expanded metal thickness: 0.3mm-20mm
  • Expanded metal panels siezes: 1/2,3/4,1’× 2′,1′ × 4′,2′ × 2′,2′ ×4′,4′ × 4′,4′ × 8′,5′ × 10′,or made to size.
  • Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, anti-rust paint, powder coated, PVC coated, etc.
expanded metal sizes