Surprising laser pointer, so lethality is so powerful, it is definitely an invisible weapon

Surprising laser pointer, so lethality is so powerful, it is definitely an invisible weapon

In the recent riots on Hong Kong Island, a new thing suddenly jumped into the eyes of the world, that is, the invisible high-power laser pointer, which can also be called a laser gun.

However, since it has not been used illegally before, most people use it as a pointer to the screen during speeches, or a tool used by some astronomers to guide the starry sky during stargazing. It is also called a stargazing pen. Therefore, the safety management department has not implemented supervision in the production, sales and use links. There are so many malicious incidents of laser injuries on Hong Kong Island. Even the police have 9 policemen who were injured by lasers in their eyes and need to be hospitalized. This situation is enough to arouse our attention, and we should supervise such items as dangerous goods.

The working principle of the laser pointer

Why is the laser pointer so powerful, it can hurt people and invisible. The light source of the laser pointer is generally a laser diode with simple structure, low manufacturing cost, low working voltage and high efficiency, but the general power is below 2-3W, and the laser pointer for education is generally only 5mW-10mW.

This laser diode, coupled with battery, power management, and light-gathering channel, can form a portable laser weapon.

This laser pointer is easy to carry, and if the heat dissipation mechanism is perfect, the luminous intensity can reach 2-3W, reaching the intensity of medium power, which has great lethality.

Management and control of laser products

Taking the United States as an example, the American standard ANSI Z136.1-2014 also manages the classification and classification of laser products. There are four main levels for management and control. The first category, class 1, is called harmless and control-free laser products, and the laser power is below. Normally, it doesn’t hurt to look directly at the naked eye. The second type, class 2, is called a low-power laser. The emitting power is below. It will not be a problem to look directly with the naked eye occasionally, but it will damage the retina for a long time.

The third type, calss 3, is called a medium power laser. The emission power is below. If the laser is not focused and scattered to the eyes, it will not damage the eyes, but as long as the light is collected and directed directly at the eyes, it can burn the retina instantly. The rioters on Hong Kong Island use this class 3 mid-power laser with a condenser, which can light a cigarette in a few seconds.

The fourth type of calss 4 is called high-power laser. This kind of laser does not need to be focused. As long as you see this light, your eyes and skin will be burned. After focusing, it will directly become a laser weapon, which can destroy many targets. According to the American ANSI standard, the following signs will be marked on the laser to tell users what class the equipment belongs to and how to protect it.

The fourth type of laser will directly damage eyesight and even cause blindness when looking directly at it for a period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly prevent such laser products from flowing into the society and being used illegally. However, since the difference between the third and fourth types is only the power, if ten laser pointers of the third type are directed at the same pair of eyes at the same time, the power of the fourth type laser can also be achieved.

Therefore, for group activities, carrying a laser pointer into the scene and shining a laser beam at the eyes of the target task, this should be regarded as an intentional injury behavior and is prohibited by law. Once this shameless behavior is rampant, the harm to society will be incalculable.