The UK can ignite the laser pointer, is the super high power reliable?

Green light indicator:
Also known as star pen, laser pen, laser pen, green light pen, hand-held laser. It is named because of its very intuitive visible and strong beam, which is mostly used for indication. Because of its bright beam and strong resistance to stray light interference, it is named More and more are used for teaching/astronomy pointing stars, fixed-point guidance, etc. It is the first choice for laser lovers/astronomy enthusiasts and outdoor activity enthusiasts. It can also be used as high-end gifts for relatives and friends.
Product Usage:
Teacher/Lecturer-used for classroom teaching, it is like an infinitely extending pointer, so that you can easily point the blackboard in any corner of the classroom, it is definitely the right assistant of teachers!
Business people/conference speaker-used for product demonstrations and conference explanations, making your speech freely, and communicating with customers more easily and naturally.
Exhibition hall/guide-when you are at a loss when facing a target that is “hard to reach”, it can help you easily and accurately indicate the target.Green laser pointer

The UK can ignite the laser pointer, is the super high power reliable?

Wild traveler/explorer-used for wild adventures, indicating distant targets and sending out distress signals, making you travel happier and safer.
Astronomy enthusiasts-for astronomy to refer to the stars, the beam emitted by the green laser is a very beautiful green line, which is very suitable for observing the starry sky at night and can help you point out the position of the stars.
Construction site/mining field-used for long-distance and accurate indication of buildings, which can avoid approaching dangerous areas and make you feel like on-site command from kilometers away.
Self-defense-when you encounter a dangerous animal attack in the mountains, or when a gangster robs you, threatening your life and property, you can use it for self-defense. You only need to use it to scare the other party. Don’t be true. Insomnia caused by others. Military command or exercise-when you want to explain to your subordinates in which direction your target is in the air or halfway in the distance, do you still make desperate gestures with your hands? Of course not, you can point to the horizon with the touch of a button, which greatly enhances your demeanor. Fire/disaster relief/help/earthquake-a life-saving pen that saves lives in many emergencies.
The laser is harmful to human eyes, please do not direct it to human eyes, please keep it away from children to avoid accidental injury.

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